Future of the next generation medical industry
Korea Institute of Medical Microrobotics

Dear partners,
Welcome to Korea Institute of Medical Microrobotics[KIMIRo] & Robot Research Initiative[RRI].
RRI was established as an affiliated organization of Chonnam National University in March 2008 with the target of advanced research and bringing up professional resources on medical microrobotics. Based on diversified research spectrum, Medical Microrobot Center was established in 2016 with the purpose of R&D on medical microrobotics and support of related space/facility/equipments.

In the beginning of 2019, research foundation “Korea Institute of Medical Microrobotics[KIMIRo]” was founded.
The major functions of KIMIRo are as followings :
- professional research on medical microrobotics
- clinical GMP based prototyping for industry
- cooperation among industry-academia-institute-hospital- government on medical microrobotics
We are pursuing ‘Global Leader in Medical Microrobotics’ and based on it simultaneously establishment of medical microrobot industry complex.
We wish to be your precious partner with your valuable comments in promising emerging field in 21C.

Thank you.

Jong-Oh Park President, Professor, Dr.-Ing.