Equipment Support

Equipment Support

Major Equipment

  • Ultra-Precise 3D component manufacturing system
    Utilized in all fields needing micro sized parts
    Maskless lithography
    Rapid prototyping
  • Confocal Microscope
    Study of cell structure and function based on image
    Efficacy study by tissue and cell image observation
    3D stereoscopic observation of living cells
  • FE-SEM
    Observation of the surface appearance such as microstructure, hardness, and reflectivity of an organisms
    Observation of the shape and size of the particles forming microorganisms
    Constituent elements and compound types and relative quantification
    Analysis of atom arrangement in the material
  • C-Arm Flat Panel X-Ray System
    Medical verification and clinical support of micro robots and externally driven medical robots
    Real-time tracking of micro medical robot inserted in the human body
    2D-3D image adjustment research utilization

Equipment Usage Procedure

  • Reserve and Submit "Usage Application"

  • Use Equipment

  • Notify Usage Results

  • Send and Pay "Usage and Analysis Bill" and Pay